AIME is a renowned & well-recognized platform for brands and companies related to aircraft industry, especially pertaining to aircraft cabin interiors market. This fair takes place at Dubai’s WTC for two days. Here you may notice the advantages and innovations of aviation sector. And with other dynamics of AIME like, helping suppliers, providers and buyers to establish a network of new business relationships, with a view of extending their business to Middle East and Africa, will altogether contribute in favor of exhibitors once availed the services exhibited in the AIME there after participation.

There are many highlights of AIME that a company should consider when going to take part in AIME, including the presence of over 500 Airline Visitors cum Professionals, involvement of over 4,800 high level intellectual attendees, products & solutions presented by over 330 exhibitors, free inflight workshops and other airline buyers programme.

All these factors support your interest of exhibition in the show for benefit in favor, with topmost possibilities. Middle East, being a dynamic region for aerospace sector, makes AIME more fruitful for exhibitors and other participating investors. Moreover, in this expo, you will meet the interior suppliers and providers of Cabin technologies & interiors, avionics, training,

entertainment, galley equipment, seating, media and others relevant products. It makes AIME choice of top brands and exhibitors. Even though the participants in every new edition of AIME seem more curious and excited for getting their favorable, brand support and for meeting updated solutions of aviation industry thereupon.