Automechanica Dubai is the largest & most recognized automobile trade fair of Middle East region, held in Dubai each year for three days. Dedicated to automotive industrial sector, the expo is best opportunity to avail and exhibit for investors and brands, related to automobile industry respectively.

With strength of around 1,800 exhibitors from 61 countries all around, and presence of around 31,000 corporate visitors from 145 countries, the show provides a common hunting ground cum meeting place for all participants of the show altogether.

Other than just showcasing different elements of automobile industry, the exhibitors will also get a chance to take part in comprehensive programs and rest workshops organized during the expo. In such programs, that aim to establish a mutual business-related-communication between investors, suppliers and manufacturers, you can strengthen your own business interests for future as well.

At Automechanica, you are supposed to get in touch with every aspect or feature of automobile industry, as from spare parts to repair, and from recycling & disposal to services of respective industrial goods.

Here during the show, you can look forward for support and solution that will be needed, related to automotive/automobile sector. Hence, for the case if you have your business roots or domains in automobile sector, there cannot be another similar opportunity, to be a part of the trend, than that of being a part of Automechanica expo most probably.