The CABSAT is one of the top leading expos of the world. It is dedicated to digital media industrial sector and held each year at WTC, in Dubai for 3 days.
Reputed for providing solutions to the individuals and professionals who have their any shares in digital world, CABSAT has potential not only to serve the queries of brand promoters & visitors but also to establish such a meeting place for participating companies, where exhibitors can look forward and learn for the betterment of their brand in future.

More than this, the show features & exhibits, a wide spectrum of digital media subjects that are prevailing in the market lately as from content creation to management, broadcasting tactics to service delivery. CABSAT even covers and explores other IT and Entertainment sectors like satellite, film, radio or music related.

Therefore, encompassing such wide range of items/services under display from different industrial sectors like Computer, IT, Electronics & Entertainment; it has always been profitable step for leading brands to take part in CABSAT expo. And as digital media is always dynamic and hence keeps changing every new time, it can set a difference between better & best, when comes to judge or define a firm at any period of time.

Showcasing your product/s or service/s in CABSAT will lead you to innovative technological outcomes pertaining to digital media sector, and will also contribute for the progress and promotion of your holding entity or brand.